News on Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

21 mins ago

Espresso on the Go with the Hand-Powered Minipresso Machine

Espresso on the Go with the Hand Powered Minipresso Machine

If missing out on your extra strong short dose of coffee fills you with dread, if you’ve ever turned down a road trip, fishing weekend or world music festival because you fear going without that essential shot, then put your life on hold no longer. The Minipresso uses a semi-automatic piston, a small measure of hot water and your own fair hand to create an espresso on the go. No electricity, batteries or gas canisters, pour a ristretto, espresso or double espresso depending on the amount of push power you use. A smart looking piece of kit shipping in 2015.

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News on Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

5:45 pm

Tom Dixon Designs His First Hotel – The Sea Containers Mondrian London

Tom Dixon Designs His First Hotel   The Sea Containers Mondrian London

After launching Mondrian Hotels Stateside in Los Angeles and New York, The Morgans Hotel Group have opened their first Mondrian outside the US. The new location is in London, on the South Bank in Warren Platner’s illustrious 1978 Sea Containers House.

For the interior design, the Morgans handed the reigns over to Design Research Studio, a firm creative directed by Tom Dixon. While he may have had experience designing restaurants, this was Dixon’s first hotel assignment — And he succeeded with style, gracefully paying tribute to the heritage of the Thames Rivers while keeping some original details of the Sea Containers like their reception desk.

The well-appointed 359 room hotel is filled with unique features — an entrance way bounded by an elegant copper hull leading you into the lobby, a marble and brass cocktail bar, and panoramic views of the city from the rooftop — and of course, colorful and quirky furniture designed by Dixon himself. Now you have another excuse to visit London.

Words: Luke Licata/

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4:45 pm

Malin + Goetz Release Perfume Oils for Their Most Popular Scents

Malin + Goetz Release Perfume Oils for Their Most Popular Scents

Malin + Goetz introduce their line of unisex fragrances in convenient rollerball perfume oil bottles. Want to smell like “Cannabis” or “Dark Rum?” The New York apothecary has always touted unique scents across their product line of candles, soaps and more — Now they’re available as portable fragrance. No, the Cannabis perfume oil won’t make you smell like you just smoked up, but it does smell quite intoxicating. And the Petitgrain is strongly indicative of soothing bergamot, while the Dark Rum is extremely sweet. Shop the newest in fragrance directly from Malin + Goetz. 

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Watch the Evolution of The Levi’s Iconic Batwing Logo

Watch the Evolution of The Levis Iconic Batwing Logo

Every brand, no matter how iconic, needs a refresh every once in awhile. As the market shifts, companies must evolve with it or risk becoming obsolete. Retail is particularly fast moving, and with an inexhaustible selection of similar items, it’s becoming ever more difficult for brands to stay relevant and fresh in the minds of consumers.

In 2011, classic American brand Levi’s decided it was time for a facelift. Though the company felt it had come to represent a certain kind of salt-of-the-earth authenticity, it also realized it hadn’t challenged itself enough creatively. As a result, Levi’s’ branding wasn’t as aligned and cohesive as it could have been.

Levi’s knew that it had already established itself as being high-quality, approachable and trustworthy to its consumers. And, it also had a rich history to put into a context that could be fully understood and appreciated globally. The big question was, How could this be done? 

Working with visual identity agency Turner Duckworth, Levi’s came up with a simple but rather ingenious solution. They simply decided they would work with what they already had and use it to their advantage rather than starting from scratch.

Thus, the “batwing” logo was born. Not only did it draw upon the company’s past visual history, it also cleverly converted the registration mark into a design-friendly shape.

Check out the short video below to learn more about the logo’s creation design process and inspiration behind Levi’s’ new visual identity.

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Buttero Employ Vintage-Inspired Vibram Soles for their Fall/Winter 2014 Boots

Buttero Employ Vintage Inspired Vibram Soles for their Fall/Winter 2014 Boots

Buttero looks to fellow Italian brand Vibram for custom sole solutions for their Fall/Winter 2014 footwear. The esteemed shoemaker chose a vintage-inspired sole with a “Gloxinia Cut” called the V-Lite — The result? A beautiful lineup of boots steeped in historic, artisanal practices with a touch of modern day innovation. Look for unique leather options like black pony hair and blue split suede. If you know the label, then you know their quality; the partnership with Vibram only seals the deal for us. The boots can easily be re-soled season after season if need be. Shop the full Fall collection directly though Buttero.

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Baracuta Release the G9 Harrington & G10 Trench in British Military Melton Wool

Baracuta Release the G9 Harrington & G10 Trench in British Military Melton Wool

Baracuta is taking their iconic G9 Harrington spring jacket in many different directions — First it was distressed leather, and now melton wool. This time, Baracuta also switches up its G10 trench coat, offering the signature silhouettes in dark fall shades and warm winter materials.

Melton wool has been used for over two centuries by the British military for their coats and trousers. To aid them in flexibility and comfort, melton wool is always manufactured with high technicality in mind.

For Baracuta, the material shows up in wine, navy and grey, sophisticated and classic colors no man can be without, especially in the cold. The jackets are thicker and more substantial than the original G9 and G10′s, but retain Baracuta’s signature tartan linings. We wonder how else the British heritage brand will transform their traditional silhouettes in the future. In the meantime, you can shop these new styles now, available for both men and women.

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The New Balance 990v1 Customizer – Craft Your Own in the USA in 6-8 Days

The New Balance 990v1 Customizer   Craft Your Own in the USA in 6 8 Days

The New Balance Customizer is a great expression of the company’s commitment to local, American-made shoe production. Their new online Customizer tool offers sneaker shoppers the opportunity to personalize three different NB running silhouettes — the New Balance 574, 993 and 990v1 – in the full range of colors and sizing, in some of the fastest delivery times we’ve heard of: Your designs are delivered right to your door in around six to eight days.



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Wms&Co. for Jack Spade Self-Inking Vintage Typography Hand Stamps

Wms&Co. for Jack Spade Self Inking Vintage Typography Hand Stamps

Design mavens Wms&Co. teamed up with connoisseurs of dapper menswear Jack Spade to bring the sartorial guy something a little different. Today marks the release of an exclusive collection of stamps, aesthetically pleasing as you’d expect from a meeting of two companies that specialize in functional design and a bit of humor.

Wms&Co. was founded upon a deep love of vintage typography. This is of course reflected in the Jack Spade stamp collection, which features and array of self-inking and hand stamps with a distinctly old-world feel. In matte black, shiny brass and glossy red, the stamps are made with heavy duty metal and accommodate interchangeable typographic imprints that say playful phrases like “cheers!” and “I didn’t mean anything I wrote.” Funny.

Prices range from $25 to $350. Available starting today.

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Go Outdoors with Topo Designs Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook

Go Outdoors with Topo Designs Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook

Colorodo’s Topo Designs release a fresh batch of laid-back American goodness, seen here in their Fall/Winter 2014 lookbook. Alongside the selection of trusty canvas bags and travel packs, we’re treated to an expanded range of adventure-friendly apparel featuring a Puffer vest, water-repellent Mountain jacket and a duck canvas Work Pant. With the combination of technical fabrics and classic, simple design, this season’s selections serve up a fine dose of staples for those hitting the great outdoors.

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