Uncategorized April, 7 2008

Varvatos Store opens inside old CBGB’s

The legendary downtown space once occupied by the legendary CBGB’s club is now home to none other than John Varvatos. The Varvatos shop at 315 Bowery is a mixed bag that tries to keep the genes of the space true to its former occupant – selling a mixed bag of vintage hifi stereo equipment, records, and of course, the Varvatos fashion line. According to men.style, “CBGB’s walls remain as they were, stickered and chockablock with graffiti. There’s a new, smaller stage for monthly performances from up-and-coming musicians…”

Fans of Varvatos should also keep eyes open for a speciality line to launch inside the new digs.
Varvatos Store opens inside old CBGBs