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Christian Bale to wear Armani in new Batman

Christian Bale to wear Armani in new Batman

has dressed a plethora of celebrities, and now he can add dressing a superhero to the list. In what seems to be a long list of interesting fashion and non-fashion hook-up these days, the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight, will see Christian Bale wearing an array of Giorgio Armani hand made-to-measure suits whenever he plays Batman’s alter-ago, Bruce Wayne. He had the choice of custom made Armani single-breasted or three-button suits, single-breasted tuxedos and black wool coats.

“As a Giorgio Armani Hand Made-to-Measure client, Bruce Wayne is demonstrating his status as a discriminating and sophisticated connoisseur of fine fashion, while also showing he has individual taste,” said Armani. “It is also fitting that I should be dressing a superhero this year, as I am pleased to have chaired the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibition, Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy, last May.”
Christian Bale to wear Armani in new Batman

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