Fashion August, 6 2008

Critical Shopper on Rogan, Bowery

NYT’s Critical Shoppper visits the (recently) new Rogan Store on Bowery iN NYC. We covered the opening a bit ago, but Mike Albo’s description on the clothing is well worth a second mention. “THE solemn clothes and black interior of the new Rogan store on the Bowery made me think of the band Radiohead and other super-serious artists like them who are always photographed with somber expressions in front of gnarled leafless trees…These clothes share that glamorized bleak aesthetic. A black V-neck had neon programming code skittering across the side — very ‘OK Computer.’

I think its more like the horn section in “Idioteque” off of Kid A personally but who’s counting…
Critical Shopper on Rogan, Bowery

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