Accessories October, 14 2008

Bollman Hats Celebrate 140 Years with 14 Hats

Lancaster represent! The Bollman Hat Company, which is responsible for bringing us the Kangol, celebrated Kangol’s 70 year anniversary with a bash at New York’s Le Royal last week. What many may not know is that The Bollman Hat Company itself is in the midst of their 140 year anniversary! That’s a long time to be making men’s hats out in Pennsylvania. 

To celebrate, Bollman is reissuing 14 decades worth of men’s hats – from the Bowler, to the Trilby, the Pork Pie, the Roy… the list is massive. Each hat is of course available in limited edition runs, so get them before they fly off the shelves.

See the full Bollman Hat Company’s 140 Year Celebration Hat offering after the jump.
Bollman Hats Celebrate 140 Years with 14 Hats

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