Bicycles April, 27 2009

Goodmorning Technology Bike Porter Bars & Basket

Copenhagen’s Goodmorning Technology has been working on “bikes and stuff around them” for some time. Today, the introduce something a little different for the commuter looking to add a basket to their daily ride. Bike baskets and bags are becoming increasingly popular with those folks looking to make their rides more versatile. Goodmorning Technology’s Bike Porter integrates a basket into the handlbars.

How do you integrate a basket in the handlebar? That was the question we asked ourselves when developing the city bike concept for New York Department of Park & Recreation. We wanted a basket that would be at the bike the whole time and that never could be stolen or lost. In the New York Bike project phase we developed the special integrated handlebar that will help many a biker from now one!

It’s something new and why not? My only concern is the load is bearing down on the stem instead of on fork stays, but only time will tell. 

More views of the Goodmorning Tech Bike Porter Bars & Basket after the jump.