Books & Magazines July, 10 2009

The American House

Covering everything from saltboxes and framsteads to brownstones and mobile homes, The American House is an illustrated history of the home across America. Famous houses such as Jefferson’s Monticello and Philip Johnson’s Glass House are presented alongside lesser known and equally groundbreaking structures. The selection covers not only the entire nation, but also key styles making the volume a wonderful introduction to American architecture as a whole. As added bonus, a listing of houses open to the public is included, making The American House a pretty good travel guide too. (via Curated).

The American House, published by Phaidon, 2008, www.phaidon.com

Mount Vernon, Fairfax County, VA, 1757-87; George Washington, Courtesy of the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association

Glass House, New Canaan, CT, 1949; Philip Johnson, Balthazar Korab Ltd

Vanna Venturi House (Mother’s House), Chestnut Hill, PA, 1959-64; Robert Charles Venturi