Art October, 20 2009

The Moon at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston

With the 40 year anniversary of man’s landing on the moon in swing, the MFA Houston celebrates visions of the moon in art. The selected pieces explore 5 centuries of fascination with the moon. Work by Old Masters and Impressionists sit alongside photographs taken during the Apollo 11 expedition.

Originally conceived by Andreas Bluhm, director of the Wallraft-Richartz-Museum, the exhibition has been expanded for Houston. The reasons for that should be obvious enough. Complementing the exhibition, a special web component has been developed. There video and sample paintings mingle with low barrier of entry quiz game (note: my attempts at winning this game were less than successful). Check it out here.

Two of the fine pieces included in the exhibition after the jump.

Solitary House Near a Pine Wood by Casper David Friedrich, 1825/35

Summer Night on the Rhine by Christian Eduard Bottcher, 1862