The Moon at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston

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With the 40 year anniversary of man’s landing on the moon in swing, the MFA Houston celebrates visions of the moon in art. The selected pieces explore 5 centuries of fascination with the moon. Work by Old Masters and Impressionists sit alongside photographs taken during the Apollo 11 expedition.

Originally conceived by Andreas Bluhm, director of the Wallraft-Richartz-Museum, the exhibition has been expanded for Houston. The reasons for that should be obvious enough. Complementing the exhibition, a special web component has been developed. There video and sample paintings mingle with low barrier of entry quiz game (note: my attempts at winning this game were less than successful). Check it out here.

Two of the fine pieces included in the exhibition after the jump.

Solitary House Near a Pine Wood by Casper David Friedrich, 1825/35

Summer Night on the Rhine by Christian Eduard Bottcher, 1862

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