Art November, 11 2009

Apostles of Beauty: Arts and Crafts from Britain to Chicago

Assembling 187 handcrafted, organic works the Art Institute of Chicago traces the origins of the Arts and Crafts Movement to its ripening against the reform movement in Chicago. A wide range of objects, from ceramic to metal, highlights the full scope of the Arts and Crafts aesthetic.

Forming as a response to modern life and mass-production, the Arts and Crafts Movement eventually united hand and machine in a progressive aesthetic moment. This is the first exhibition in 3 decades dedicated to the movement, and the first to point to Chicago as a center where it blossomed so fully.

The exhibition is complemented by a catalog from Yale University Press and runs through January 31, 2010. (via Curated).

Select objects (note my personal bias) from Apostles of Beauty after the jump.

Designed by Edward William Godwin, made by William Watt. Sideboard, ca. 1876

Frank Lloyd Wright. Spindle Cube Chair, 1902/06

Gustav Stickley. Arm Chair (no. 2343), ca. 1901.