Robert Frank’s “The Americans”

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Robert Franks The Americans

Robert Frank’s The Americans opened at the MET in late September and I had the opportunity to walk through last month. It remains on view until January 3, 2010, and celebrates the 50th anniversary of the suite of photographs Frank produced during a cross-country road trip in the mid-1950s. Criticized at time of publication, the 83 images that make up The Americans eventually soon were recognized as masterpieces of street photography. They are honest depictions of everyday life from the hardships of the South to the glamor of Hollywood. Highly recommended (kicking myself for forgetting to mention this until now).

A Funeral – St. Helena, South Carolina (1955) is above. A few more examples after the jump. (via Curated).

Robert Franks The Americans

Movie Premier - Hollywood (1954)

Robert Franks The Americans

Rodeo - New York City (1954)

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