Art February, 2 2010

Feathers, Fins, and Fur at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Pioneering works of natural history illustration on view at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

Interest in the natural world over the course of the 19th-century generated an enormous visual record produced by artists and naturalists alike. Fascination with detail forms a constant thread, even as debates raged over the best way to display, exhibit, and record “discoveries.” Feathers, Fins, and Fur: Natural History Illustration of the 19th-Century privileges the works of Alexander Wilson and John James Auduboun, and introduces a range of lesser known illustrators. Additionally, the exhibition draws from the institution’s library collection to explore preservation of natural artifact through print.

On view through May 23, 2010.

Above –  H. Patterson, Sebastes Marmoratus, 1856.

Alexander Wilson, White-Headed Eagle, 1832