Accessories February, 11 2010

TUMI Luggage & Accessories for Opening Ceremony

It would seem that there is no stopping the Opening Ceremony co-brand machine. Their latest is a color heavy luggage and travel accessory collection with non other than TUMI. Here’s what they have to say on the collection. “Tumi luggage [is a] perfect complement to our growing Ace shop assortment. When we began thinking about our partnership with Tumi, Carol [their CEO] envisioned her favorite, trusty Tumi bag in a rainbow of colors.  Luckily, Tumi was down to let us customize some of their reliable travel bags for our new shop.  Check out the final product, three candy-colored, color-blocked travel bags in two colorways… the International Expandable Carry-On, T-Pass laptop case, and the Soft Satchel.” The collection is limited to 100 units of each piece.

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