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Don’t be fooled by the timing of this post – we’re not saying you should wear these right now – you don’t wanna be one of those people who wear sunglasses the second the sun shows up. This is more of a ‘heads up, you could be rocking these come summer’ kind of post. These are a little harder to pull off than, say, a pair of aviators, but at least you won’t be wearing the same shades as everyone else come summer. (Oi Polloi)

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  • Allie

    WTF does timing have to do with it? “The second the sun shows up”? Um. Unless you live in Norway or someplace where it’s dark all winter, last I checked, the sun rises and sets year-round. It gets very cold where I live, but the sun still shines brightly, not to mention it reflects off of the snow, which makes it even more blinding. So yeah, sunglasses are needed year-round, ya tool.