YMC Basics Saddle Shoes

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After hovering on the fashion outskirts for a while, Saddle shoes are back with a vengeance. The issue with these shoes (and all ‘classic’ shoe styles) is that you don’t want to be wearing matching outfits with your grandfather – however dapper he may be. Thankfully, the red brick sole makes this a little easier to match with some beaten up denim, making sure your footwear doesn’t age you by 40 years. (ASOS)

Take a leap, see those detailed images.

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  • Tony R.

    These YMC Basics saddle shoes remind me of a college professor I had in the early 1970s. He completed the “look” with a single-breasted tan corduroy jacket, tan or light gray twill slacks and knit turtleneck shirt. Although the look was casual, it was still much neater than most of the students, who would show up for lectures in faded denim.