Accessories April, 15 2010

Coachella Survival Pack by Illesteva Sunglasses

Tomorrow all you hippies will make your way onto the Polo Grounds of Indio for the start of Coachella (yes, I wish I was a hippie and with you). We’re pretty sure that Sunday is the beast of the three-way, but hell, LCD will demo it tomorrow night. Back to the news, Illesteva drops a special “Coachella Survival Pack” of sunglasses for the show. Unless you already have on eyeglasses, you’ll need them (sans any weather issues). Look around for them as they’ll be handed out to the select is you can find them. Included in the pack: Illesteva Beca Sunglasses made from Italian Steel, SPF 30 Sunscreen,  lip balm, condoms (shocker), IBU pills, insect repellant, and a flashlight, ensuring that you can do it all in the dark. I could quote a W.A.S.P. track but I’ll stop here…