Accessories May, 18 2010

Rapha Maharam Cycling Cap for BESPOKE

The sheer amount of interesting product coming down the pipe from the Rapha brand is unacceptable. There is simply too much to cover. While it may seem like a single editor’s selection with Rapha, the push for their goods to get shine on these pages comes from various ends of the Titel family – we have writers falling in love with something new almost daily.

Here’s a quick one in the form of a cycling cap as made for the BESPOKE exhibition in NYC recently. “Celebrating the exhibition BESPOKE: The Handbuilt Bicycle opening in New York City on May 13, this limited edition Rapha Cap features a Brushed Camel textile from Maharam, the New York-based innovators of textiles.” 75 total caps produced. Get on it.

More looks at the Rapha Maharam Cycling Cap after the click.