Q&A May, 19 2010

Interview Magazine | Iggy Pop interviews Shepard Fairey

We don’t care for Shepard Fairey. There, we said it. No big reason behind it, we’re just not that into him. Iggy Pop, on the other hand, is a man we’re definitely into. In fact he’s so legendary to us that we’re willing to overlook those adverts – we just play ‘Raw Power’ and all is forgiven. So, despite us not caring much for Fairey, Iggy Pop’s inclusion as interviewer makes this worth a read. One interesting answer is when Iggy Pop asks Fairey about how that Obama image came about.

I’ve also made a lot of political art in the past where I was criticizing people like George W. Bush—I worked very hard in 2004 to make anti-Bush imagery. But then Bush got reelected, and so I thought I needed to reevaluate my approach to mainstream politics. At that point, I’d had a kid, a daughter, and as the 2008 election campaign was beginning, I had a second daughter on the way. So I started to think, “This isn’t about me augmenting my existing brand of pissed-off rebellion. This is about my daughters’ future.”

Read the interview here.