Roundup August, 25 2010

Selectism | Around The Web

01.The New Been Had King Jose Hustle “Been Had Polo” young dro diss (above)

He’s been had Polo. The big ponies too.

02. Grace Coddington Is Working on a Memoir

“Vogue creative director Grace Coddington is riding out her September Issue movie fame with a new project that is much classier than reality TV. ” (The Cut)

03. C.O.E Interview, Sergei Sviatchenko: The Close Up & Private Paintings

“The beauty of contemporary style is interpreted in a different form, inviting us to consider the intricacies of fashion from an alternative medium.” (Components of Enthusiasm)

04. My Favourite Things #39

“Back on the topic of fake heritage, this is, of course, my fake Mao suit. It’s a style I have always liked but I doubt I could ever wear.” (This is Naive)