Uncategorized September, 20 2010

Denon AH-A100 100th Anniversary Headphones

Any headphone nutcase (including myself) will tell you that the benefits of wood cups are unlike any sound you have heard. Technically I cannot tell you why this is the case, but I do know that on other cans, the wood vibrates the sound in a unique manner. The latest into this class are the mahogany cups on Denon’s AH-A100 100th Anniversary headphones. The pads are listed as “skin-soft” which frightens me a little. A better descriptor may have been “supple.” Oh, and fear not, Denon makes killer cans – no doubt. Available at most retailers shortly. Part of that Denon 100 Legacy series. Sick packaging as well…

A few more looks at the Denon AH-A100 100th Anniversary Headphones after the click.