Accessories September, 28 2010

Ghostly International “Thy Will Be Done” Notebook by Sruli Recht

Ghostly International should be known by some. We featured their bizarre totem piece delivered with the last Matthew Dear record. Today, we highlight a “antiquity” notebook worked over with one of Iceland’s modern design minds.They call it. “Thy Will Be Done.” “Our first product collaboration with Reykjavik-based designer Sruli Recht is a notebook for the ponderous. Save for the virgin pages, it resembles a book from antiquity. From the textured leather cover, to the water-warped paper, to the horseshoe nails that bind its pages, it is as much about tactility as it is functionality. Even in a digital era, the weight of words still bears meaning.”

More looks at the “Thy Will Be Done” Notebook for Ghostly International after the click.