Books & Magazines December, 30 2010

The Geometry of Pasta Book

The cover of The Geometry of PastaThe Geometry of Pasta Book draws more than a few glances when found on your end table – outside of it being a great take on pasta. “One would think that a minimalist cookbook devoid of photography wouldn’t be worthy of coffee table status, but the illustrations adorning this volume prove otherwise. Conceived by award-winning graphic designer Hildebrand, the diversity of pasta morphology, from Agnolotti to Ziti, is revealed through historical anecdotes, recipes, and an eye-catching b&w aesthetic. … From the obscure story of Strozzapreti (“priest stranglers”) to the humorous warming red pepper and whiskey sauce for Radiatore pasta, or “radiators,” one learns how shapes are created to maximize surface area and sauce delivery.”  AmazonThe Geometry of Pasta Book has it.

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