Books & Magazines January, 18 2011

“Doppelganger: Images of the Human Being” Book

The cover alone has me intrigued for this forthcoming book from Gestalten on the human form. “DoppelgangerDoppelganger: Images of the Human Being Book presents current trends in capturing the visual identity of human beings. Each of its seven chapters explores a different creative approach: Embody, Dissolve, Appeal, Reshape, Perform, Deform, and Escape. The book is a compelling and entertaining collection of groundbreaking permutations of the outer human shell created with costumes and masks as well as photo-technical and artistic manipulation.” The book arrives in February 28, 2011. Pre-order from AmazonDoppelganger: Images of the Human Being Book.

More looks inside of  Doppelganger: Images of the Human BeingDoppelganger: Images of the Human Being Book after the click.