Tools February, 20 2011

SOG Powerlock S60 Multi-Tool

The king of the multi-tool turned me onto the SOG brand. Given the opportunity to hold one in hand, I can see why. Prior to the SOG, my experience was limited to the complexity of the utilitarian swiss-army sized pocket knife. Jumping into the plier/gripper based arena that SOG works in (they also make knives that have almost cult status amongst users)  brings new variations in tools and weight. The Powerlock S60SOG Powerlock S60 Multi Tool, that SOG sent over, sits in a nice position in their multi-tool line. It’s fully constructed from stainless steel and includes 22 tools and formations. You can feel it in the weight of the S60.

Handle covers protect and secure the hand when using the SOG in the open plier position as shown above.  Lift either handle cover open and you’ll expose a strong series of tools including a serrated blade, an impressively aggressive hand-held saw, and various drivers. It has what I consider to be fairly standard but necessary tools. Having the v-cutter, found in their SOG S63SOG Powerlock S60 Multi Tool, would be interesting, but probably unnecessary for some. Decide for yourself as both are quality and rugged multitools. AmazonSOG Powerlock S60 Multi Tool has them.