Art March, 25 2011

agnès b. New Howard St. “Galerie Boutique” T-Shirt Collection

The new agnes b store is a “galerie boutique” on Howard Street in New York City brings together (for the  first time) Agnès love of contemporary art as well as her retail. She has long been a strong supporter of the arts. Agnès also runs  “Galerie du Jour Paris and has been a supporter and collector of artists for many decades.  The 3000 foot flagship store [on Howard Street] is located on in a beautifully restored 1863 landmark building and Agnès design concept blends historic architectural details with a fresh contemporary aesthetic.”

To celebrate her new flagship, “Agnès has asked many friends and artists to create a design for her ongoing Artist T-Shirt line.
Harmony Korine, Ryan McGinness, Jose Parla, Bast, Ryan McGinley and Jonas Mekas are just some of the artists who have contributed.”

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