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The vertical stripe has been neglected as of late – what with everyone fussing over the breton stripe. So it’s nice to see some designers bringing a Voodoo Child style slight return to the vertical stripe shirt, even if everyone’s still in love with the Breton. This one from Penny Stock is pretty cool although if we were being fussy – and we’re being just that – we’d say that the button colour doesn’t quite suit the colour of the shirt. A life changing problem, we know. (Blackbird)

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  • Zachary

    I am shocked this article of clothing even came to be, let alone be allowed to be sold. This shirt is an identical replica of the uniforms worn by the inmates, mostly Jews, in the Nazi camps during the Holocaust. I am highly offended that this shirt can be sold and accepted as “fashion” when it is so strikingly similar to single most devastating genocide in human history. This shirt is unacceptable and I ask that it be removed and the people responsible for it, I’m looking at you, Penny Stock, apologize for it.

    Think I’m overreacting? Look at this: