Shoes May, 25 2011

Gaziano & Girling ‘Deco’

Permanent Style has a great piece on Gaziano & Girling’s latest line, Deco. In a piece Simon Crompton wrote for The Rake, he talks about G&G’s importance in the world of bespoke shoemaking, their new line and their history. The whole thing’s worth reading but here’s a quote to whet your appetite.

“You have to feel it’s a good time for shoes. In the past year we have seen the launch of Anthony Cleverley, Top Drawer from Edward Green and now Deco from Gaziano & Girling. All superlative ranges of shoes, sold on their craft and priced over £1000. The market is in accord: men now value the handcraft that goes into a pair of English shoes so much that they are willing to pay twice the previous standard for high-end footwear.”

Appetite sufficiently whetted? Of course it was. Go read the rest here.