Art June, 14 2011

Forgotten & Undisturbed at The Popular Workshop

Curated turns us onto that stuff, that sweet funky stuff:

“Forgotten & Undisturbed” by Bob Chisholm opens July 1, at The Popular Wokrshop. The gallery discovered Chisholm’s prolific body of photographs while rooting through a half-abandoned home in the hills above Woodside about 5 years ago. Bob has led an atypical life to say the least. As evidenced in his work, he has been traveling and prolifically documenting these travels from the late fifties until the late nineties. For weeks, the curators sorted through 7500 slides to pick the 22 pieces in “Forgotten & Undisturbed”. This show aims to showcase the breadth of his work and the depth of Bob’s interactions with his subjects.”

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