Books & Magazines July, 23 2011

“Erratic: Visual Impact in Current Design” Book

We step back for Curated’s look at this new book, Erratic: Visual Impact in Current DesignErratic: Visual Impact in Current Design Book, from Gestalten coming in September 2011 that focuses on design where the play of balance is in question.

From the publisher: “Introducing movement, tension, balance, and surprise in visual language. Change is one of the few constants in the world. In recent years, more and more images are being created that not only capture a moment in time, but also point to a change that can and will take place directly thereafter. ErraticErratic: Visual Impact in Current Design Book is a collection of current, often playful work by designers, photographers, and artists who are exploring the reciprocal effects between stability and instability, symmetry and asymmetry, and pressure and counter-pressure.”

Available from AmazonErratic: Visual Impact in Current Design Book.