Books & Magazines August, 16 2011

“King of Vintage, Vol 3: Heller’s Cafe” Pt. 2 Book

Larry McKaughan is the daddy, grandaddy, high-priest and all knowing oracle of vintage clothing. Having garnered a cult like following with his Heller’s Café repro label J. Crew soon came calling, bringing him to the attention of a wider chambray inclined audience. Having published his King of Vintage Vol. 1King of Vintage, Vol 3: Hellers Cafe Pt. 2 Book in 2010 he’s back, now on his third volume, showcasing his vast collection of early to mid-twentieth century American clothing. Military, denim, varsity, motorcycle…it’s all covered here in gleaming illustrated glory. Keep your eyes on Myfreedamn for release dates. -ld

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