Roundup September, 22 2011

Selectism | Around the Web

01. Apparat – Song Of Los (Official Video)

“Those with any level of interest in contemporary electronic music will recognize Berlin based Sascha Ring and his alias Apparat as one of the most prominent forces within the field. In addition to his three critically acclaimed albums, fans will also recognize Sascha’s work with Ellen Allien in which they formed the collaborative electro supergroup ModeratSelectism | Around the Web (half Modeselektor, half Apparat). With Devil’s WalkSelectism | Around the Web the highly anticipated fourth studio album from Apparat, Sascha once again raises his game.” (amazonSelectism | Around the Web)

02. Doubling In The Middle

“DISCUSSED: Epic Struggles, The Distance Between Masters and Hacks,Palindromic Taxonomy, A Convenient Ampersand, Cutting-Edge Work in Reversibility, Some Limitations of an Untrained Audience, A Strange Kind of Amazing, The Relationship Killer, Disproportionate Responses, A Surfeit of Calendars, A Deficit of Wool and Illusions…” (thebeliever)

03. Yes! Taco.

“Any food establishment with an exclamation point at the end of its name gets my vote, especially if it also includes the word “Taco”. These menus for a taco truck are printed on chipboard, giving them that tortilla feel that most taco places lack. The design is simple and the 2-color printing is enough to make it yummy.” (artofmenu)

04. Nobrow

“By sheer luck and an unreliable sense of direction, I discovered Nobrow on Great Eastern Street, in East London. What a gem! Nobrow is part shop, part studio and part gallery. The folks at Nobrow run both a small press of beautifully tactile illustrated books as well as a screenprinting studio. Here’s a look inside the gorgeous shop, a peek at a few of their lovely books, and look at the Masks exhibition by Ben Newman!” (notcot)