Books & Magazines October, 20 2011

“The Recipe Project” – A Food and Music Book

Esquire turns us onto this new “cookbook” that bounces two our favorite subjects together: food and music. The Recipe Project: A Delectable Extravaganza of Food and MusicThe Recipe Project   A Food and Music Book not only features recipes and essays on food and your favorite chef’s music playlists, it features much of this information performed and verbalized word for word by the band, One Ring Zero, on CD. That’s an interesting twist on it all.

Featured chefs in the The Recipe ProjectThe Recipe Project   A Food and Music Bookinclude: Mario Batali, John Besh, David Chang, Tom Colicchio, Chris Cosentino, Mark Kurlansky, Isa Chandra Moskowitz, Andrea Reusing, Aaron Sanchez, and Michael Symon. Available now from AmazonThe Recipe Project   A Food and Music Book.