Fashion February, 6 2012

Martin Greenfield Clothiers Fitting at Ace Hotel for NYFW

The Boardroom at the Ace Hotel, New York City, will host fittings by East Williamsburg’s Martin Greenfield, who GQ has called “America’s Greatest Living Tailor.” Why a fitting service at the Ace Hotel? In their words: “We are inspired to offer our guests and friends to experience a fitting with this classic menswear icon in the convivial atmosphere of The Boardroom at Ace New York. It’s a tailor fitting, but it’s also an experience that embodies our passion for dressing well, and for meticulous attention to detail — just one of many traits that comprise Mr. Greenfield’s legend.” The Greenfield Fitting Service will run at the Ace Hotel New York from February 10 – 12, by appointment.

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