Books & Magazines February, 27 2012

Mono.Kultur Issue #30 – Chris Ware Interview and Art

Berlin’s Mono.Klutur magazine is a common pickup of mine when visiting the great city (Do You Read Me?). An interview magazine with major twists, Mono-Kultur focuses on a topic set of person for each issue allowing for a deep and expansive view into the subject/matter. Issue #30 is a helluva an issue which features one of my favorite illustrators and comic artists, Chris Ware. Tucked away inside the pages (many of them full blown four-page foldouts!) readers will find both final work by the artist as well as some very famous sketches that lead to the cover work of his Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on EarthMono.Kultur Issue #30   Chris Ware Interview and Art graphic novel (every household needs a copy – essential).

Mono.Kultur is stocked at very select stores throughout the globe. We recommend a subscription.

Photography: Selectism.com

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