Food & Beverages April, 8 2012

Beer | Breckenridge Brewery 72 Imperial Chocolate Cream Stout

The name of this specialty stout from Breckenridge Brewery says many things—each one of them fitting the brew in the bottle. Chocolate? Like nibbling cocao beans. Cream? Coats your mouth like a $5 milkshake. Stout? And barrel-chested, like Danny Devito typewritering your sternum. Imperial? Only making yourself available in four-packs seems like a royal move. 72? Uh …

Imperial stouts are often a tough sell with us. Sometimes, it is because in their attempt to taste like coffee they taste like grounds. Other times the desire to taste like fine chocolate hits closer to the hollow bunnies we munch with regret on weekends like this past one. Other times, we just do not like the way they look in a glass—goading and muddy. In most respects, this one succeeds where others fail. A smack of tobacco sometimes overstays its welcome, but we would like two more bottles.