Sports April, 11 2012

Watch | R.A.F Ski Team – Casio G-Shock Aviator Watch

Shot in Saalbach, Austria, filmakers Jamie Delaney, Keith Nally an Charlotte Rey teamed up to produce this film celebrating the R.A.F Ski Team’s mad mountain skills and Casio G-Shock Premium’s GW4000D Aviator WatchWatch | R.A.F Ski Team   Casio G Shock Aviator Watch. Designed to withstand extreme conditions, the watch performs perfectly under 12G, a situation you’re unlikely to find yourself in unless you’re a daredevil pilot. With soundtrack by The Famous Eno, The Royal Air Force versus the Alps.

Available now for $323Watch | R.A.F Ski Team   Casio G Shock Aviator Watch.

G-SHOCK RAF SKI TEAM from Jamie & Keith on Vimeo.