Auto April, 18 2012

Scholten & Baijings for MINI, COLOR ONE – Cars Gone Dada – Milan

This bonkers collaboration between MINI and Dutch designers Scholten & Baijings serves as a sort of dadaist deconstruction of the iconic little car. Stefan Scholten, Carole Baijings and team appear to have effectively re-conceived the car with a perspective afforded by taking it completely apart. PR roll:

Scholten & Baijings peeled the MINI One like an onion, layer by layer, while analyzing the car as such and its individual components. Applying their highly conceptual approach, the designers questioned virtually every aspect of design along the way, extracting the essence of each component, whether this was revealed at its core or during the dismantling process itself.

Like we said, cars gone dada. Also, how good it must feel to have become such a stalwart in your field that you are sought out and paid to question, say, the true artistic nature of a steering column. You can see for yourself if they hit the mark at the University of Milan, where COLOR ONE is on display as part of the INTERNI Legacy exhibition through April 28; part of Salone del Mobile.

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