Apps May, 9 2012

UNIQLO Wake Up App for iPhone and Android

UNIQLO has a very pleasant new free app on the market that replaces the typical hard morning alarm clock jitter – who the hell really likes being woken up by an alarm clock? Launched yesterday, the UNIQLO Wake-Up app, available for the iPhone and Android platforms, is a pleasant calming wake-up “alarm” with tone and music set by Cornelius (who I am pretty sure was on the 1997 ‘Respect is Burning Tour’ with Daft Punk) and Yoko Kanno – play the video below for a sense of it. As well, alongside, a soft spoken voice that tells you how the day will look weather-wise.

Seriously, this could make some people nicer in the morning, including myself.

Download now for the iPhone or Android.

Some screens from the app on the following page.