California – Venice Beach Folk – 1970s

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The 70s generally isn’t regarded as the coolest decade, but if these images from the Venice Beach at the time are anything to guy by, those naysayers ought to just shut it. Much hair, much surf,much skate,  interesting moustache situations and a general air of easy beach living.

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  • Momohund

    That image of those four kids in Venice circa 1970s is really very iconic. That photo really says a million words. The long and bleach-blonde hair, the tough look in the first kids face, the graffiti on the wall, the older kid loitering in the background. The image presents a people from a place and time who are without a lot of money living in a tough neighborhood during an era when value systems were completely different and less restrictive. Mostly it catches a group of people from Venice completely and totally immersed in surf and skate culture when it was at its zenith. They live it and breathe it, it is their identity. this image is truly a piece of Americana.