Fashion June, 20 2012

The NewGen Men for Topman – “Menswear Rules Britannia” T-Shirts

With the U.S. launch of the Menswear Rules Britannia t-shirt collection from The NewGen Men designers—James Long, Katie Eary, Lou Dalton, Sibling, and Christopher Shannon—and Topman, some British talent gets some statewide exposure. Half of the results are alluring, the other half, maybe not so much.

Sibling’s Union Jack shirt, for instance, looks a little clubby from where we are sitting, while Katie Eary’s design—cheetahs in guard hats—has the proper balance of “huh?” and “hell yes.” The “Man Up” shirt from Christopher Shannon has the kind of aggressive sloganeering we cannot find much use for, but the Jack Long design is nice and subdued—using the British flag to softer ends. Get them online.