Accessories June, 21 2012

L.G.R. for Oki-Ni – Maputo Sunglasses

A combination of elements—an 8mm cellulose acetate frame handmade in Italy and an overall aura of scholarly mischievousness—make these sunglasses look like something Marcello Mastroianni would be hiding behind in a Fellini movie. The eyewear maestros at L.R.G. revived this Maputo style specifically for Oki-Ni in a limited run of 40 pairs.

As noted, the frame is made from 8mm cellulose acetate divided between a smarmy amber and clear. What is more, “the Maputo is fitted with Barberini anti-reflect lenses … Tempered mineral glass offers excellent clarity and is also scratch and impact resistant, due to a chemical hardening process that makes use of acid salts and liquid hydrogen.” Extra fancy, and available online.