Private White V.C. A1 Bomber Jacket

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Private White V.C. delivers this online exclusive A1 Bomber Jacket made from waterproof and breathable Ventile fabric, developed during the Second World War to help with survival when pilots were forced to abandon their transports. Ventile uses a very dense “oxford” weave to keep the material watertight without the use or laminates or coatings. Overall, the A1 Bomber jacket is classic look for those cool evenings. Find them online exclusively.

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  • J O N E S

    This jacket looks so dope. It’s simplicity and detail is great.

  • JuliannaB

    Love it! My husband will love it!

  • debord

    joke brand with made up back story..boring clothes

  • dwfan

    The manufacturing quality of this jacket is awful. The fit is way off, buttons have fallen off and the shoulder seam has come undone. Not worth the money!

  • G-kins

    Isn’t it just a rip off of a Heritage Research jacket? Bad.

  • Phil Knight

    Terrible. The most contrived brand out there. All of the their products are either rip offs or bland.

  • P Nuts

    “This jacket looks so dope”.. seriously?