Fashion June, 21 2012

Stevenson Overall Co. for Bench & Loom – The Jett Rink Coat

We do not need much of an excuse to dedicate the better portion of a Sunday to watching Giant—the original epic tale of dynastic battles waged over oil and love in Texas. Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson are plenty incredible, but James Dean owns the picture as Jett Rink, with his weird, often drunken, cowboy-turned-tycoon swagger. We have definitely coveted Rink’s shearling lined coat, and come to find out we are not alone.

As part of The Phoenix Project, Bench & Loom let folks vote on one of three different coats featured in the film that they would most like to see reproduced. Rink’s coat won the day and the retailer teamed with Atsu Tagaya of Stevenson Overall Co. to craft 30 of these lookers. The icing: that is alpaca shearling you are seeing. Reserve one online.