Food & Beverages June, 22 2012

Beer | Anderson Vallery Brewing Company Hop Ottin’ IPA

Summer is the perfect time to meander the lush, hoppy landscape of India Pale Ale, as these beers are often crisp, floral and strong—all things which seem to mesh well with heat. Anderson Valley‘s Hop Ottin’ IPA has a bit of a cult following, which might be due to a distinct crispness that hangs on the very back of your tongue like a little sweater as you drink.

We don’t get an extraordinary amount of flavor out of this one, which might be the work of a numbing amount of hops, but the 7-percent ABV puts it in a good place—so long as you start with just one or two and then switch to something lighter (unless you love pounding headaches). While Hop Ottin’ is not a go-to, we are always excited when someone else has put a six pack into a barbecue cooler. Also, little kids love the label.