Fashion June, 25 2012

Jil Sander – Outerwear Focus – Spring/Summer 2013

With Jil Sander now under the direction of Jil Sander herself, this Spring/Summer 2013 felt, excuse the clunky expression, even more Jil Sander-ry than ever. Clean lines, unapologetic minimalism and an emphasis on silhouette and cut, we’ve been here before. This was no more apparent then in her outerwear which we zoom in on here. Bold buttercup yellow, clean cream and no-nonsense black, colours were typically JL. The shapes however were the real stand out. A soft shoulder on some, long length on others, belted, tailored, double breasted…there were plenty of choices and they were all good. The Sander aesthetic has always been about simplicity (at least on first look) and it was this that marked her Spring/Summer outerwear, elevating it to another level.