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Japan’s Nendo design studio returns with the “Dark Noon” series of five wristwatches wuith Dutch watch company, Noon.  Noon’s “disk system” – a series of “multi-colored, semi-transparent disks creating bright, ever-changing patterns as they move across each other” – is deployed into the series. White lines against the black faces of the timepieces help express time differently throughout the series. Beautifully done.

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  • Joakim Nilsson

    I love dark watches such as the one from Noon above. Another favorite is the all black Rolex submariner.

  • Martin Rode

    Hi Jeff.
    noon is actually a Danish brand, not a Dutch. But besides that I agree – the watches are beautiful! Both the Nendo line and the “standard selection” of noon watches. The colour mix is nice on the standard line.