Food & Beverages June, 25 2012

Recipe | Grilled Pizza

You grow up eating heaps of pizza, usually to excess, but do not realize the full power of the stuff until you start making it at home. It is not difficult to do. We follow a simple dough recipe and, up until recently, put it in a hot oven.

Things changed in our pizza snow globe with the arrival of a kamado grill—a Japanese style ceramic contraption that burns hardwood charcoal and looks like big black egg. So far, it has been used almost exclusively to grill pizza. With your dough in hand, preparation is pretty easy, but you need to allow time for the grill to heat up (any grill will do, of course, even propane).

Pizza dough
Lots of olive oil for brushing the dough

Start the hard wood lump charcoal with an electric starteror a chimney starter like the one pictured in the gallery. Avoid using lighter fluid to get the fire going, as you will taste it in the dough.

Let the fire go until it is hot to the point that you can only hold your hand above the grill surface for a few seconds (might take 20 minutes to get there). Roll out a piece of dough and brush one side with olive oil. Pick the dough up by its edges and lay it oiled side down on the grill. Watch it cook and marvel at the smell. When it is grilled golden brown on the bottom, oil the top and flip the dough.

Spoon some sauce onto the cooked side and spread it around. Add toppings and cheese, but keep the toppings relatively light, so the dough can cook evenly and the cheese can melt before the bottom risks burning. Close the lid on the grill and leave it for a few minutes. The cheese will not brown on top (have considered hitting it with a butane torch), but the dough will turn into something addictive like video games. You might want to partition a cool section of the grill for melting the cheese longer after the bottom is done cooking.

You will want to make this ten times a week.