Fashion June, 27 2012

Belstaff Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

We probably need to grow past our aversion to sandals, but at present, even when part of rather sleek looks like those presented in Belstaff‘s Spring/Summer 2013 collection, they freak us the frick out. We are pretty sure that part of the hang-up stems from Bruce Willis cutting his feet to shreds on glass shards in the original Die Hard. Granted, sandals would have saved the soles of his feet, but the sanguine scene serves as an eternal reminder that you best protect your feet.

Especially interesting that we are seeing so much bare foot here as Belstaff got its start producing durable jackets for motorcyclists and wearing sandals on a motorcycle is, of course, asking for all sorts of hurt. Our footwear quibbles aside, there are plenty of daring stabs at contemporary menswear evidenced here that are more on point with their rumbling past—from coats cut so crisp they crackle to some fitted pants with rippled knee enforcements. If you can make it work, do so … just watch for broken bottles.