Auto June, 28 2012

Hugo the Renovated 1976 Knaus Passat Camper

There is a big dream in our house that one day a charming little camper trailer will sit in the driveway, creating  not only a getaway pod, but also and extra room for hanging out that can spill action onto the front lawn. Old “Hugo” here—a 1976 Knaus Passat model—is one hell of a dream camper.

Renovated by a European couple who picked it up used and spent $3,000 total turning it into  Hugo, this trailer is nicer than many apartments.  “On one side we changed the big round seating to a double bed … [building] the bed construction on the existing wood that was for the seating,” we are told by the owners. Impressive, though the wallpaper seems to have the biggest effect on the overall awesomeness inside this can.