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Japanese products like these Moving Blankets from Puebco lay a whimsical quest at our feet. In this case, not only did extensive Google Translate use seem to confirm that this large and austere blanket was indeed inspired by the blankets U-Haul tries to sell you when you rent a truck, it also delivered us this amazing bit of translated meta-ness: “Something is empty or book owl.”

You are damn right something is empty or book owl, plus we have a handful of picnics and camping trips yet to execute before the summer fades, and a blanket like this would be a perfect canvas for such activities. Also, it comes with its own storage bag. Book owl approves.

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  • Florian Peters

    haha, book owl.
    fukurou means owl yes, but, in this context “bag” or “sack”.
    And, an “empty book”, used to store things in.

    Dont know how google mixed these to up? They’re perfectly separate in the Japanese text.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.noi John Noi

    Perfect picnic necessity!

  • Louise Harvey

    I agree! Who says moving blankets can only be used for such a thing? It’s not like they’re really called that way that we can only use it at the time of the move. Aside from picnics, we can use them at the beach as well! Or, if you have pets, these can make a perfect bed. ;)