Accessories July, 2 2012

Davek Solo Umbrella

It has been dry as hell this summer across much of the U.S. (assuming hell is not some sort of raging steam bath). Thus, umbrellas have not been at the fore. Still, you never know when the sky might open up and dump water, so a small umbrella that you can keep in a bag is a good bet.

Here is a umbrella posited as a “Rolls Royce of umbrellas” from Davek. “The canopy is constructed of 190 thread count fabric (the most tightly woven available) to offer maximum protection from precipitation,” we are told. “The gorgeous handle features a convenient clip to attach to your belt or hold in place within a bag.” Do not foresee the truly tasteful wearing this on a belt, but we are curious to witness the automatic opening and closing button at work.